Saturday, January 06, 2007

Reason #12,609 Why I Love New Hampshire

Stories like this:

DUBLIN, N.H. -- Police said a burglar in Dublin took off this week after a homeowner forced him to take off his pants and shoes.

Police said it happened Saturday night when the homeowner came home and found an intruder trying to hide in his house. Police said the homeowner pulled a gun and -- apparently hoping to make it tough for the intruder to run away -- demanded he take off his pants and shoes.

The homeowner's name hasn't been released.

Police said there was a struggle, shots were fired, and the intruder got away. No one was hurt.

Law-abiding citizens, providing for their own personal security and well-being, refusing to surrender their rights and blindly adopt the Menino-Barrios Doctrine of Civilian Disarmament.

Such is the way of life here in Free America.