Monday, January 08, 2007


Boston Mayor Mumbles Menino still doesn't get it.

Mayor Thomas M. Menino wants the state to suspend driver's licenses and revoke the vehicle registrations of individuals convicted of firearms violations in Massachusetts and to list the charges on driving records available to police during traffic stops.

It looks like those radical concepts of INCARCERATION and STIFFER SENTENCING GUIDELINES are still off the table, as far as His Excellency is concerned.

Can't you just smell the progress?

Let's read on.

In a measure he plans to introduce today on Beacon Hill, the mayor is proposing that licenses be suspended and registrations revoked, without a hearing, for up to five years for crimes such as illegal possession of a gun or selling guns without a license.

Are you a gangbanger walking the streets with handguns tucked in your pants, looking for a pizza guy to hold up? A drug dealer making a little something extra on the side by selling stolen handguns from the back of your van?

Rest easy, then. Boston Mayor Tom Menino still has no desire to see you locked up in prison where you so rightfully belong. He doesn't see what benefit it could possibly serve society by having your ass taken off the street for a long period of time. But he does want to suspend your driver's license.

Scared yet?

Menino administration officials say such a law could help stem gun crimes and warn police pulling over cars that the drivers may be carrying guns.

As opposed to actually sending these scumbags off to prison, where the chances of any of them having a pontentially-lethal roadside encounter with a police officer, or any citizen, for that matter, would be reduced to a comfy ZERO-percent.

And, from the "Needless To Say" Hall of Fame:

Authorities have said many of those arrested for firearms offenses are repeat offenders.

Again, just the people most likely to be swayed toward a life of sainthood and charity by having their driver's licenses yanked (provided they even have one, of course).

I miss living in that city like I'd miss having my nutsack polished with a belt sander (and a 40-grit belt).