Thursday, February 15, 2007

What's The First Thing You Think Of...

...when you hear someone use the phrase "tax freedom"?

The American Revolution?

The Boston Tea Party?

Massachusetts shoppers jamming the malls just over the New Hampshire state line?

Well, if you're a "progressive-minded" writer at the Boston Globe, it means giving the government new and exciting ways to extort more money from the wallets and pocketbooks of the citizenry.

Not exactly what William Wallace had in mind, right before getting his head lopped off.

Boston Globe Headline of the Year (2/14/07):

Patrick seeks tax freedom for cities, towns

Not freedom from taxes for the people living and working in those cities and towns, mind you. But, this great reformer - this grassroots-driven, political outsider, and man of the people - wants to give local government the "freedom" to tax their subjects further.

Can someone buy the brother a dictionary?

Governor Deval Patrick's administration is preparing a push to give Massachusetts cities and towns more freedom to raise taxes and fees, as a new report suggests Boston will lose talent and businesses to other similarly-sized cities because it is hamstrung by state constraints.

Let me see if I follow this "logic" correctly.

If your goal is to lure more businesses into the city, a good way to do that would be to tell them that if they choose to open up shop in Boston, their cost of doing business will be greater than it would be in some of the neighboring communities, thanks to all kinds of new and exciting fees.

But, not to worry, just tell them they can pass those added costs onto their customers (as if you'd have to). If the people are "smart" enough to play along, they're "smart" enough not to know when they're getting seriously wanked.

Or this one...

The best way to lure hungry diners into the City of Boston, according to some, is to tell them that if they choose to eat dinner at a restaurant in Boston, instead of Cambridge, Somerville, Dedham, or Quincy, not only will they pay more for parking, but now they'll get the added bonus of paying a new and exciting meals tax on top of everything else.

I don't know what it is, but I'll always be fascinated by idiots and the things they do.

UPDATE: Wow! You know an idea really sucks donkey dick when even the Massachusetts state legislature has its reservations, calling it too much of a tax hike.

Governor Deval Patrick's plan to help cities and towns ran into immediate resistance in the Legislature yesterday, with the House speaker characterizing portions of it as "absolutely" tantamount to raising taxes and cautioning that it would not benefit all communities equally.

No shit.

And, here's another absolute gem.

In Boston, where a new 2 percent meals tax could bring in another $40 million, leaders were gleeful.

Yeah, and it "could" send more customers to restaurants outside the city. I love all these future revenue predictions they come up with when trying to sell their latest socialist schemes.

They're all based on people actually continuing their current spending habits, and paying the new taxes without a second thought. I mean it's not like people are gonna actually move out of town altogether, is it?

Yeah...never mind.

Mayor Thomas M. Menino said a provision that would allow communities to impose new taxes on telecommunications equipment would save Boston homeowners an average of $200.

Here's a 25%-off coupon for Clues R' Us, Mr. mayor. Use it.

If you honestly think that those costs won't be passed on to the customers (i.e. the idiots who voted for you), you must must be Tom Menino.