Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Well Regulated Militia...

Alternate Post Title: What's Yiddish For "FUCK YEAH!"?

From the New Haven Independent:

Members of a politically influential yeshiva led by Rabbi Daniel Greer (pictured at top) -- who have spent more than a decade rebuilding their stretch of Edgewood -- have organized an armed citizens patrol.

They made the announcement Monday afternoon at Yeshiva of New Haven (aka The Gan School) on Elm Street. They plan to begin patrolling Monday evening in two-person teams wearing "Edgewood Park Defense Patrol" T-shirts and carrying concealed, licensed firearms.

Law-abiding American citizens volunteering their own time and resources to help keep their communities safe? That's certainly not very "progressive" of them.

Where are the calls for additional government spending? Where are the gun buyback programs? Where are the cries for more compassion and understanding of the criminal psyche?

The organization has also worked with neighbors to combat prostitution in the area, instituting a successful "John of the Week" effort which featured pinched patrons' names on flyers.

"We are unwilling to give up," Greer said at Monday's announcement in a classroom on the school's second floor. Family members from the yeshiva as well as neighbors -- including Alderwoman Liz McCormack and 24th Ward Democratic Co-Chair Hank Campbell -- joined him.

"We can fix all the houses up. We can plant trees. But if we cannot walk our streets securely, all our efforts are for naught," Greer said. Rather than be victims or depend any longer on the police department, he said, the group is determined to tackle crime head on.

People not wanting to be victims?

How barbaric!

People not wanting to rely on the police and politicians to protect them at all times? Something that is not only impossible for them to do, but also not required of them.


A longtime ally of Mayor John DeStefano, Greer did not alert City Hall in advance of plans to announce an armed patrol. Greer did communicate, repeatedly, his dissatisfaction with Police Chief Francisco Ortiz. Monday he called Ortiz the "Donald Rusmfeld" of the police department.

"There's only one solution -- to remove the chief," Greer said. "He's a very sweet guy. I would love to have drinks with him. But he cannot run the police department."

Asked about the armed patrols right before the press conference, DeStefano said he had no comment yet because he hadn't known about them.

After the press conference, DeStefano backed Ortiz and disagreed with the patrol idea.

"The chief has my full support. Chief Ortiz is doing a good job," DeStefano said.

Gee, that sounds familiar.

And now, from the Connecticut Department of Libocrisy, we get today's money quote from Mayor DeStefano.

Anyone who patrols the street with a gun "is putting themselves and others at risk," he said.

Well, Mr. Mayor, if that's true, you'd best ,ask order the police officers under your authority to surrender their sidearms, forthwith.

For the childrenTM, and all.

You understand.

More from the Mayor:

"In response to proposed armed civilian patrols, I believe that individuals who carry weapons with the intent of enforcing their view of appropriate behavior in the neighborhood is a recipe for disaster."

Yeah, because it's so much better when only the criminals are the ones "carry[ing] weapons with the intent of enforcing their view of appropriate behavior".


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