Thursday, October 11, 2007

Be On The Lookout

Zero Hour Arms down in Easton, Massachusetts was broken into a little after 5:00 AM today (Thursday). The scumbags made of with ten firearms. Here's the list (make, model, SN), as provided by 'bsquiral' at the NES Forums.


Sears Shotgun model 14, 12ga (no SN)
Winchester model 67A, 30-06 (SN: G155280)
Winchester model 70, 300 Win Mag (SN: G1415184)
Remington model 700 (SN: E6327994)
J.C. Higgins bolt gun model 51C (SN: 7561)
Inter Ordnance STG 2000 rifle, 7.62x39mm (SN: G-8406-06)


Colt 1911a1, frame only (SN: FR20142E)
H&K USP Compact pistol, 9mm (SN: 27-015283)
Glock pistol model 17, 9mm (SN: ZD548US)
AMT Automag pistol, .50AE (SN: 57-3000)

Not that I'd expect these assholes to try to unload these through any legitimate channels (gun shop, pawn shop, gun shows), but you never know.