Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Meningrad Chronicles (cont'd.)

City targets fees at lots near Fenway

Mayor Thomas M. Menino is planning to crack down on sky high prices at private parking lots around Fenway Park, saying he will seek authority to cap fees and stop what he called the gouging.

Yes, it's Mayor Thomas "I've never met a proposed tax increase or fee hike I didn't like" Menino rallying against price gouging. The irony is almost too painful to bear.

"Someone came up to me and said, 'I just paid $100 to park,' " said Menino, who attended the Red Sox home opener Monday. "I blew my top."

You know what, Tom? As mayor, I'd have blown my top as well - astonished that anyone in my city would be so fucking stupid to think that they could drive to Fenway Park and expect to find ample affordable parking for any Red Sox/Yankees game, never mind the season opener, World Series rings presentation, championship pennant raising Red Sox/Yankees game.

Any chance the mayor would "blow his top" if I expressed my outrage over having to pay $100 to apply for a gun permit? Hey, quit laughing. I'm trying to have a serious conversation here.

Menino said he will seek City Council approval for an ordinance to cap private parking fees, the exact rate to be determined after a meeting with the lot operators later this week.

Speaking of efforts to curb price gouging, I'm guessing Mumbles hasn't gone out to dinner in the city recently and paid to park in a parking garage downtown. Oh, wait, the city's getting a piece of that action. Never mind. That's OK, then.

"We are going to come up with a strategy to make sure this doesn't happen in the future," Menino said. "My goal is to have control over the fees. ...

Stop the presses! Sound the alarm! Money is changing hands between private parties within the walls of the city, and the mayor doesn't have complete, totalitarian control over it? Oh, the humanity! Someone think of the children!

... This may be the market, but it's not right."

I give you Tom Menino, the mayor of Boston, in ten words or less.

Do me a favor, Tom, would you? After you're done tugging your dick over this, see what you can do for me about the cost of plasma TV's around town. Best Buy wants like five grand for one! I nearly "blew my top"! "This may be the market, but it's not right."

And, this is the same idiot who likes the idea of levying a $5/day tax on people driving into downtown Boston.

In related news, the mayor held a press conference with officials from the Registry of Motor Vehicles last night to unveil the latest state license plate, now available for the very reasonable fee of $100 (all proceeds to benefit a very worthy cause - Menino said so).