Tuesday, May 06, 2008

This Is Sad

Apparently, the police in one California town actually felt it necessary to "urge" people to fight back if attacked by a mountain lion.

If you encounter a mountain lion, experts recommend you stay calm and face the animal. Do not run. That could trigger the lion's instinct to attack. And try to appear as large as possible by standing very straight and making noise. If attacked, they urge people to fight back.

My first thought (Is that advice really necessary?) was, of course, followed immediately by my second thought (Oh, yeah. California. Never Mind.).

And, of course, what better weapon to "fight back" with, when attacked by a wild animal, than a .44 Magnum revolver walking stick.

Officials have advised walkers and hikers to take precautions. They suggest people avoid taking outings alone, especially between dusk and dawn, and carry a walking stick.

I have to assume that, despite the presence of wood on it, my 870 wouldn't meet their definition of "stick".

(link by Zendo Deb...again)