Friday, February 16, 2007

It's "For the Children"!

From the Boston Herald:

Already facing heat for flying to events in a state police helicopter, Gov. Deval Patrick is now cruising in a pricey, tricked-out Cadillac DeVille at taxpayer expense.

The governor’s new luxury Cadillac DTS sedan is a lease that puts a $1,166-a-month strain on the state budget and replaces the much more modest Crown Victoria that former Gov. Mitt Romney was driven around in.

On Fox25 news last night, the Devaulator told reporters that the old Crown Vic had 80,000 miles on it and the heater was broken.

Hey, assbiscuit! Guess what I did to my '86 Toyota 4x4 that had 200,000+ miles on it when the heater gave out.

Wait for it...

I got the fucking thing fixed!

Yeah, I suppose I would have run out and picked up a shiny new luxury vehicle, too, if my neighbors were voluntarily going to pay for it. But for this douchenut to thumb his nose at the people of Massachusetts like that, forcing them pick up the tab for his over-priced new ride, is off the charts in its arrogance and asshatitude.

State Sen. Richard Tisei, the top Republican in the senate [like that means anything - ed.], said the cost of the Cadillac is exorbitant, especially when the governor is proposing new taxes to help pay for local services.

"With all this talk about raising taxes, you would think the governor would want to set an example with belt tightening in his office," Tisei said.

Yeah, but that would also require you to think that he actually cares about the well-being of the electorate and the fiscal health of the Commonwealth.

"The governor has to realize that there is a lot of symbolism to what he does and he has to set an example for state government."

Well, I think he's setting a fine example. As I've said before, anything he can do to drive more sensible-minded folks out of Massachusetts, and into New hampshire, is a good thing. And I'll support all such efforts in the future.

The preceding post was brought to you today as a public service for all my readers still trapped in that open pit privy called Massachusetts. I, for one, really don't give a rat's ballbag what those idiots south of the wire do anymore. The faster Massachusetts sinks, the better. I'll just sit back and continue to observe the petri dish and draw my wisdom from it, accordingly.