Tuesday, May 09, 2006


From the Standing Headline Department of the Boston Globe:

Police move to quell violence

Boston police began saturating Cape Verdean neighborhoods with extra patrols last night and will install surveillance cameras, as police and city officials work to prevent further bloodshed.

Mayor Thomas M. Menino ordered the moves yesterday, saying that he is worried about reprisals after seven people have been found killed in the last week, including two men gunned down in Cape Verdean neighborhoods known for retaliatory violence.

"One homicide is too many, but seven in seven days? I'm very concerned," Menino said.

I've often said that Mayor Menino's press people have the easiest jobs in the world. Add to that list the job of a Boston Globe crime reporter.

This article, highlighting this most recent example of Menino's ineffective, reactionary "crime-fighting" strategy, could have been cut-n-pasted from one written last month, last year, or five years ago, and no one would have noticed.

"Police to beef up patrols in high-crime neighborhoods, Mayor outraged/concerned."

Stop me if you've heard that one before.