Friday, February 16, 2007

The Brilliance of Deval Patrick

AKA: Reason #_______ Why I Left Massachusetts

I gotta hand it to you, Deval.

Scoring a shiny, new, taxpayer-funded Cadillac to get the right-wing [read: anyone not to the left of Barney Frank] bloggers, pundits, and radio talk show hosts off the trail of your latest and greatest tax hike proposal?

Seriously, man, nice move.

What I wanna see is how, exactly, you worded your press release.

Because, getting the Boston Globe and the rest of your allies in the media and local blogosphere to play along, and buy into this strategy of referring to them only as innocuous, little tax "changes", rounds out the presentation quite nicely.

From my good friends, and former neighbors, over at Blue Mass. Group:

I opened up my Springfield Republican newspaper this morning to find the following headline: Patrick bill proposes series of tax increases. Luckily the Globe had a bit more neutral tag, Patrick eyes corporate tax changes, although the article picked up the "taxes are raised at the expense of economic growth" frame.

For those of you having trouble grasping this simple concept, I'll try to use small words. When a politician fucks around with the tax code, one of two things happen.

Taxes go up. Or your taxes go down.

If Deval's latest scheme stood any chance, whatsoever, of actually lowering the tax burden on individuals and companies doing business in the Commonwealth, the phrase "TAX RELIEF" would be ringing in-frigging-cessantly from every church steeple and mountaintop from P-Town to Belchertown.

Sorry, kids. Deval wants your money.

It's that simple.

And, like it or not, that's the "neutral" version.

Deval Patrick is in danger of having his vision impeded if the conventional wisdom becomes that he is simply raising taxes or "growing government". We must help by letting people know the truth behind this initiative.

Consider it done.

You're welcome.

Anyway...back to Deval and his "Operation Smokescreen".

If our military had diversionary tactics and a propaganda machine as effective as his, we could have sent one Marine dressed as a Domino's Pizza guy into Iraq and snatched Saddam Hussein before the first armored vehicle crossed the Iraqi border.

Have I mentioned lately how much I...

Yeah, maybe once or twice.

Never mind.