Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Paging Charles Darwin

But...but, I thought all the morons lived in red state trailer parks.

KENT, Washington (AP) -- A man who placed a lava lamp on a hot stovetop was killed when it exploded and sent a shard of glass into his heart, police said.

I hate when that happens.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Menino's Underpants

Sorry for the disturbing mental imagery conjured up by the post's title there, but it's late and I hate trying to come up with creative, interesting titles for every post.

As much as I'm not a big fan of "my statistics can beat up your statistics" arguments concerning the detrimental effects of gun control legislation, I thought I'd resurrect this "oldie but goodie".

From the GOAL website, comes this before-and-after look at the effects of Chapter 180 of the Acts of 1998 on the Commonwealth (table copied below).

I challenge anyone to interpret this as an indicator of the positive effect of gun control. The only "logical" answer coming from the anti-gun crowd these days is that people are either (a) buying guns in New Hampshire and other gun rights-friendly states, and using them to commit crimes in Massachusetts or (b) these same people are selling the guns to criminals on the streets of Boston.

Argument (a) implies that these people are buying guns from a licensed firearms dealer (we'll ignore for a moment the fact that no Massachusetts resident can buy a firearm directly from an out-of-state dealer), and thereby undergoing the federally required background checks. So these crimes are ALL being committed by first-time offenders? If they're ineligible to purchase handguns legally, why would they drive to New Hampshire to buy a gun illegally on the street when they could do it much easier right here at home?

Speaking of buying guns from out-of-state on the street, let's look at Argument (b). To buy into this far-fetched scheme, you'd have to be a graduate of the Underpants Gnomes School of Economics.

Step 1 - Buy a $700 handgun from a New Hampshire gun shop

Step 2 - Drive to Massachusetts and sell it out of the back of the van for $100

Step 3 - Profit.

Now, some hold-outs might argue that there are, in fact, New Hampshire residents who buy cheap used guns legally and do manage to sell them in Massachusetts for a profit.

Then they'll say the problem is guns being stolen from the homes of licensed gun owners. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is that not already against the law? The ONLY way to prevent that particular crime from occurring is to confiscate all legally-owned firearms. Not only will that not happen, but the net effect on violent crime, would likely be an increase due to the sudden creation of millions of unarmed victims just waiting to be preyed upon.

Now it seems to me that if this illegal gun trafficking IS taking place on as widespread scale as officials in Boston would have you believe (after all, gun control works, remember?), then it's much greater an indicator of the inability of law enforcement to arrest and prosecute these individuals than it is of the need for more gun control laws that do nothing but...


...disarm the innocent, law-abiding citizenry, while doing nothing to combat violent street crime. Why is that, you ask? Because, believe it or not, criminals don't obey the law. Who knew?

Oh...I thought you said JIM Beam.

So, we had our steel topping out ceremony today on the project I'm working on. This is where the final steel beam to be erected is painted white, signed by all the project personnel, decked out with an evergreen tree and an American flag hand hoisted into place.

Naturally, these events draw the local muckety-mucks like bees to honey. The "Honorable" Mayor Thomas M. Menino was there as well as our senior swimmer senator, Ted Kennedy.

And of course, the masses of people surrounding the event all thought they were watching the second incarnation of Christ as Kennedy signed his name on the beam in front of all the local news cameras.

"I...uh...thought we'd be...uh...hoisting a JIM Beam."

As much fun as all this was (not), I had better things to do. My Jeep was in dire need of having its new stickers from Life Liberty etc. applied. I got them in the mail over the weekend, the oval "RKBA" sticker to go with my "Peace Through Superior Firepower" sticker on the back.

And the "Subdued Desert" American flag stickers for the front quarterpanels - reverse design for the right-hand side, of course.

Thanks For Playing

From yesterday's Browns/Bengals game:

CINCINNATI (AP) -- Kelly Holcomb threw for 400 yards and five touchdowns -- and lost.


Thursday, November 25, 2004

Mmmmm....Sweet Potatoes

Here's wishing you and yours
a happy, safe Thanksgiving!

Back Monday.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I Don't Think So, Kids

From the MetroWest Daily News:

Today, an eager class of third-graders is traveling to the State House to ask that a homegrown invention - basketball - join the chickadee and the Boston terrier as symbols of the state.

"We're going to try to make the state sport basketball because it was invented in Massachusetts," said one 8-year-old girl in Laura Mullen's class yesterday at Mulready Elementary School.

To paraphrase Frank Booth: Fuck that shit! Candlepin bowling!

Thanksgiving Food For Thought

I would like to know who passed the law that says Detroit and Dallas will host Thanksgiving NFL games from here to eternity. Did it not dawn on the league's decision makers that this would lead to some real dogshit games that no one in their right mind would watch if it weren't for the fact that they're the only games on TV?

[whine]But, it's TRADITION[/whine]. Screw tradition. I enjoy watching football on Thanksgiving Day as much as anyone, but a Bears/Cowboys match-up? Woo. Hoo. Pass the creamed spinach and a tofu smoothie.

How tough would it be to have the teams from the previous season's conference championship games play each other on Thanksgiving Day? They've already played each other in the regular season this. It would have just involved shifting some dates. Or, at least, play two games featuring the two Super Bowl teams from last year?

Granted, this won't always result in big, glitzy marquee match-ups, seeing as the Panthers are shitting the sofa (aka: crapping the bed, screwing the pooch, sucking the big one) this year, but it would be a vast improvement over the "traditional" crappy game selection method currently employed by the league.

Just my $0.02.

And, oh yeah...GO PATS!!!

Monday, November 22, 2004

AP in the Spin Cycle

As I read this article, I'm reminded of something I caught a while back on someone else's blog a while back (apologies for not giving proper credit). To paraphrase, it's the AP headline the day after George Bush single-handedly cures AIDS and all forms of cancer:

Bush Ignores Common Cold - Millions Suffer

Malnutrition rising among Iraq's young children after U.S.-led invasion

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) Malnutrition among Iraq's youngest children has nearly doubled since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq despite U.N. efforts to deliver food to the war-ravaged country, a Norwegian research group said Monday.

Since the March 2003 invasion, malnutrition among children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years old has grown from 4 percent to 7.7 percent, said Jon Pedersen, deputy managing director of the Oslo, Norway-based Fafo Institute for Applied Social Science, which conducted the survey.

Apparently no statistics were readily available on the number of children sent to mass graves before and after US-led coalition removed Saddam Hussein from power.

Regardless of the unrest that has gripped the country, Pedersen said the findings were still puzzling.

Well, when you stop having malnourished children sent to early graves, they tend to stick around longer. Hence, they get included in some survey by a bunch of Norwegian panty-waists and listed as "newly-malnourished".

"Given the fact that World Food Program has distributed a lot of food, it's quite clear that one could expect some malnutrition, but the level that there is, it's a bit difficult to explain."

Well, if I could address Michael Moore's band of "revolutionaries" and "minutemen" for a second, please. Fewer bullets to the backs of the heads of humanitarian aid workers might be a good place to start. And what say you stop sawing the heads off of the civilian workers trying to re-build the country's infrastructure. That might help.

But what do I know? I'm one of the idiots who voted for Bush.

Nobody's Buying it Anymore

Vote today for your favorite anagram of overpaid, spoiled NBA thug/hip-hop "artist", RON ARTEST.

    a) Errant sot
    b) Rat stoner
    c) Arrest not
    d) No starter

T-minus 24 Hours and Counting

This DVD is gonna rock.

Native fan Denis Leary is a smart choice as the 90-minute disc's narrator, lending the proceedings a tone that perfectly captures Red Sox Nation's perennially disappointed crankiness as well as its fiery keep-the-faith-and-damn-the-Yankees passion. (The other prominent voice, naturally, is guaranteed future analyst Kevin Millar.) When Leary says in voice-over, ''Tom [Gordon], meet Big Papi" before David Ortiz's clutch homer off the Yankee reliever, you can almost picture the comedian flicking a cigarette at the mound.

If my wife is hoping I'll put off buying this so she can get it for me for Christmas, she is sorely mistaken. Sadly, the DVD will apparently live up to its title, and mainly feature the World Series games, cutting short the highlights from the ALCS, which as Red Sox Nation knows, WAS the World Series.

It's a limitation of the format that for all the local emphasis placed on beating New York -- that might as well have been the World Series -- the DVD packs its recap of those games into an opening half-hour covering everything from regular season action to the Nomar trade. We see as much of the Cardinals here, practically, as we did in real time during the sweep.

Well, maybe I'll only buy three copies then.

To borrow a phrase...

Rope, tree, scumbag - some assembly required.

As a horribly burned baby returned home yesterday, the Department of Social Services opened an investigation into what other torture 19-month-old Matthew Kruse may have endured at the hands of his teenage Taunton mom's boyfriend.

Alan Johnson, 20, who is not the tot's father, was being held on $7,500 cash bail after police said he confessed Thursday night that he had repeatedly put the flame from a disposable lighter to Matthew's flesh while the child's mother, Jennifer Kruse, 19, was at work.

I can't even find the words to comment further on this.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Stocking Stuffer

On Sale Tuesday!


Thursday, November 18, 2004

Can't Believe I Missed This

Advice from the Boston Police Department in the wake of a recent armed robbery and sexual assault on Beacon Hill:

Residents are urged to draw attention by screaming "fire."

When someone's pointing a gun at you? I don't think so.

Can I Get Me a Falafel Here?

From the Boston Globe home page:

An Iraqi soldier stood guard yesterday over men who
had been invited to a mosque with the promise of food
and then tested for traces of gunpowder. The action
produced 47 arrests within minutes. US troops fought
pockets of rebels in the city yesterday, and a car carrying
explosives ripped into a US convoy in northern Iraq,
killing at least 10. (Getty Images Photo/ Marco DiLauro)


File Under "Reap What You Sow"

From the Boston Herald comes this tale of gun crime in the peace-loving hippy-dippy hamlet of Cambridge. I'm shocked, I tell you...SHOCKED!

Yes, as always, the Dead Horse Beating Alert is in full effect.

Harvard University is warning students to be wary after two incidents near campus Tuesday night in which a male student was robbed at gunpoint and a Lesley College coed was indecently assaulted.


Shortly after 9 p.m., Harvard freshman Robert K. Lord was robbed of $60 and his cellphone by two men, one of whom was armed with a handgun.

"Normal conflict is something that I can deal with. I'm a martial artist," Lord told the Harvard Crimson. "This guy pulls out a gun, points it at my stomach and the whole game changes right there."

But the police are handing out plastic whistles. If only you had taken advantage of their divine benevolence, surely you'd have been able to repel your assailant.

Here's more news from La Rive Gauche:

Cambridge parents lash out over homeless in parks.

Cambridge parents who are tired of the human waste and bedrolls left by homeless people in city playgrounds say they want the community to stop encouraging overnight sleeping.

"They are raising the rights of homeless people above the safety and health of children. That flummoxes me," said Millicent Stilwell, who said she has seen used condoms, human waste, toilet paper and bedrolls at the playground on Cambridge Common when taking her 2 1/2-year-old daughter to play there.

So, the people of Cambridge elect the most bleeding heart, leftist, politically correct candidates they can find. These elected officials then proceed to enact the most bleeding heart, leftist, politically correct legislation they can come up with. Things go south, and the people who put them in office are now "flummoxed".

Well, cry me a (Charles) river.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Whistle Your Worries Away

A follow-up piece in today's Boston Globe about the recent armed robbery and rape of a woman on Beacon Hill this past weekend (see previous post here).

About 120 Beacon Hill residents met with police last night to address concerns about the rape of a woman last weekend in her apartment on Joy Street, police and neighbors said.

It's all downhill from here.

Police also handed out plastic whistles and offered to help residents organize a crime-watch group.

A guy breaks into your house, points a gun at your face and threatens to kill you if you make any noise. Are you gonna whip out a god damn whistle? I don't think so. If bringing a knife to a gunfight is ill-advised, what good is a whistle going to do you?

Hint: Whistle = corpse locator beacon.

Last night, police urged women not to walk alone on the Hill and to avoid anyone who appear suspicious.

But that's profiling! That's bad, remember?

Residents are urged to draw attention by screaming "fire."

Screaming "fire"? How about firing a couple hollow-points into the torso of your assailant? Now THAT'S an attention getter.

UPDATE: A 16-year-old boy has been arrested by Boston police in connection with Sunday night's assault and rape involving two women in an apartment on Joy Street in Boston's Beacon Hill, police announced this afternoon. (story developing)

Aaaaaggh! Killer Toys!

It's that time of year again. Time for the nanny-state nutjobs to release their list of the most dangerous toys, or what I like to call my Christmas shopping helpful hints list. From CNN:

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Just in time for the holidays, a consumer group announced its pick for the 10 worst toys of 2004 Wednesday, including the Pocket Rocket Miniature Motorcycle and the Megabuster Battle Weapon.

The toy industry responded by saying that toys on such lists almost always end up meeting U.S. product safety standards.

The list also included Imaginarium Police Car Building Blocks, Dress Me Paz, Fun Slides Carpet Skates, Air Burst Rockets, the 38" Playtime Trampoline Happy, Birthday Bear, Parents Magazine Mirror Pound-A-Ball and the 3 Gun Squad Set - Uz-1 Commando Machine Gun.

Here's the complete list - notice the hazard listed for the Megabuster Battle Weapon:


Well, that rules out 97% of the inventory at Toys 'R' Us. Show me one kid who hasn't whacked his little sister over the head with her Barbie, only to have her defend herself by whipping him with a jumprope.

How much would Christmas completely blow if you had some of these fruitbats for parents. "Look, kids, Santa brought you more soft-covered fabric books!"

I'll give you one guess as to which presidential candidate's campaign Edward Swartz, the head honcho of W.A.T.C.H., donated $2,000 to?

Here's a hint - a list of Mr. Swartz's published works.

Give up? Click HERE if you must.

Shocking, no?

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Beacon Hillbillies (cont.)

From today's Boston Herald:

    Tix scalping heads to hearing: Weak laws seen benefiting no one but criminals

Now, where have I heard that line of thought before?

The state's anti-ticket-scalping law has all the teeth - and deterrence - of jaywalking prohibitions, critics say.

Lawmakers on Beacon Hill, in the wake of fans being ripped off after buying fake World Series tickets, are looking to overhaul the code.

Nice to see our lawmakers standing up for the little guy for once. Oh wait, what was I thinking? Never mind.

"We have to get a handle on some of these providers who are charging outlandish prices for tickets, and the state is not getting anything out of it," (State Rep. Brian) Wallace said.

Spoken like a true Bay State hack, though most atypically honest and straightforward.

Another idea expected to come up: granting licenses to ticket scalpers in a bid to regulate their trade. The state would get a piece of the business through license fees, Wallace said.

Next up, crack tax.

What happened to the good old days when our elected officials would at least PRETEND to be working on our behalf?

Bring Out Your Dead (Horse)

Yes, it's another Massachusetts Gun Control Success Story.

This one comes from one of our "safe" neighborhoods here in the Valley of the Shadow of Mumbles, just a few blocks from the luxury home of our esteemed junior senator.

What do you say we play everyone's favorite game, "Count the Illegal Acts Committed by This Scumbag"? I love that game!

A stranger forced his way [that's ONE] Sunday night into a Beacon Hill apartment, where he tied up [TWO] and robbed [THREE] two women and raped [FOUR] one of them at gunpoint [FIVE], police and neighbors said yesterday.

A regular freakin' choirboy we're dealing with here. Now tell me something - restricting MY right to keep and bear arms is doing what exactly to improve the quality life in the Commonwealth?

"The girls are gone," (the neighbor) said. "I don't think they're coming back."

So these women were tied up, robbed, raped, and driven away from their homes in fear, all the while suffering untold emotional and physical harm. But, hey, they're still alive, so I guess you were right, Mr. Mayor, gun control does work.

So, what can the women of Boston do to ensure their safety?

Police also urged women to be careful when walking alone. They issued a similar warning after two abductions and rapes in Jamaica Plain in September. The suspects in those attacks are also at large.

Well, that plan worked just smashingly.

Ladies, take action now! Head on down to your local police station to pick up your "No Raping Allowed" buttons. These attractive buttons are 3" in diameter, come in bright easy-to-see colors, and are now available for a $25 fee (pending applicant's criminal background check and fingerprinting). Order now and receive, free of charge, a set of four "Don't Abduct Me" buttons for your children.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Live Free or Die

Here's an interesting column in the Manchester (NH) Union Leader that takes a look at New Hampshire's election results, and how the recent influx of Bay Staters seems to be affecting the poll results.

And it's not what you might think. Here's a taste.

Wow! Maybe New Hampshire should ban migration from every state except Massachusetts, giving Bay Staters a special entry deal like the Cubans get from the federal government - if you can make it across the border, we won't send you back to that Communist hellhole.

That plan would get my stamp of approval. I'd write more on the subject, but my hands are still vibrating from shooting .357 magnum rounds out of Jay's Air Lite snubby yesterday - like a mule on steroids, that little bastard is (the gun, not Jay).

UPDATE (11/15/04): This 'bout sums it up.

(image "borrowed" from Rodger)

Friday, November 12, 2004

The Nipple Ripple Effect

So, within seconds of my post featuring Tara Reid's nipples going up, my Sitemeter counter hits the 25,000 mark. Coincidence? You decide.

Thanks to everyone who's taken the time to visit my humble blog here, read my blather, comment on it, and taken the time to link to it. I'll be celebrating this milestone (as if I need an excuse) by driving up north to go shooting with Jay of North Georgia Dogma.

Range report to follow.


How 'bout THEM Eagles?

Presenting the #1 (and #2) reason why football should always be played outdoors.

Actress Tara Reid taking in an Eagles game.

I rest my case.

Lucky Me

Life goes on in Taxachusetts.

As fat cat commercial real estate developers rake in tax savings on their high-rise properties, Boston's homeowners are about to be told to take up the slack with a projected double-digit increase.

"It's like they're letting the big business get away and they're screwing the average person," said John McNamara, who owns a single-family home in West Roxbury.

No, John, it's not LIKE that, it IS that.

Hit with huge tax bill increases a year ago, Hub homeowners are now bracing for new hikes when notices get mailed out next month.

Oh, joy. Rapture. I can hardly wait.

City officials have not finalized the numbers that will set taxes for property owners, but Steve Wintermeier, a Back Bay business consultant who began analyzing city tax and assessing data several years ago when his own taxes nearly doubled, predicts hefty tax hikes are coming for many.

"Based on my calculations, the average (residential) tax bill will go up by about 12 percent," he said.

For the "privilege" of living in Boston.

John Clifford, 78, a retired school teacher, said rising taxes are a budget-buster for him.

"I'm in kind of a bind," said Clifford. "(My taxes) went from $1,200 (a year) to $4,600 in five years." His pension, meanwhile, went up just $30 a year.

Surely, our leaders will lend a sympathetic ear toward Mr. Clifford and his financial predicament. I mean, they ARE the caring, compassionate party of the people after all, right?

Last month, Clifford confronted Mayor Thomas M. Menino at a public event to question him about climbing taxes. Menino told him he was lucky because his property was worth a lot more than it was a few years ago.

Memo to Mayor Menino: Go fuck yourself.

Mr. Clifford is on the verge of being driven from his home, and the best Menino can do is tell him how fortunate he is to own a home in the city. This may seem hard for some people to understand, but a lot of people living in the city, purchased their homes to LIVE in them, not to roll them over after a couple years, or convert them to luxury condos in search of a quick buck.

But, then again, maybe it's just the price to pay to live in a free-market society.

The second factor is that the city uses office rents to calculate commercial assessments. As a result, downtown skyscrapers like One Lincoln that sold for $700 million are assessed at a fraction of their selling price, saving their owners millions of dollars every year, a phenomenon detailed in yesterday's Herald.

Or not.

Daniel J. Shea, who lives on Centre Street with his wife, Ann Marie, said his taxes have jumped almost 50 percent in two years - from $1,640 a year to $2,440. And he doesn't expect it to go down this year.

"Everything's gone up this year," Shea said. "The schoolteachers got a raise. The firefighters got a raise...so I imagine (taxes) will go up."

Local unions benefiting from tax hikes imposed on the people of Boston - I'm shocked! New Hampshire, here I come.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

For Yasser


Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Give 'Til it Hurts (or not)

Take a look at this article summarizing the 2004 Generosity Index, as recently published by the Catalogue for Philanthropy:

HARTFORD, Conn. -- Residents of Connecticut and its New England neighbors continue to earn more and give back less, according to an annual index of charitable giving.

Connecticut ranks first when it comes to making money, but joins New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island in falling to the very bottom of the 2004 Generosity Index, according to the Catalogue for Philanthropy.

Mississippi held onto its title as the most giving state for the eighth consecutive year. Following right behind are Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama and Tennessee.

Notice any trend? Maybe this will help.

Here are the complete state rankings, #1 through #50. I color-coded the list to the electoral map as a public service to some of the slower on the uptake folks out there.

    South Dakota
    South Carolina
    West Virginia
    North Dakota
    North Carolina
    New Mexico
    New York

    New Jersey
    Rhode Island
    New Hampshire

Any questions?

UPDATE (11/10/04): Of course, no legitimate political discourse can take place until we get Madonna's input on the subject.

On other subjects, the singer said the recent US presidential election had illustrated how US society was "becoming very divided".

"People are becoming very polarized," she said. "We have people who don't want to think, and who just want to guard what is theirs, and they're selfish and limited in their thinking and they're very fearful in their choices."

I think she might onto something here.

Prepare for Re-entry

OK, it seems the post-election cranial cobwebs have cleared. I'm now ready to resume my "normal" blogging schedule. Stay tuned for more "Crappy 80's Music", "Local Loozahs", "Adventures of Gadgetman", and "Massachusetts Gun Control Success Stories" posts in the immediate future.

Here's one such "Local Loozahs" bit from the Boston Herald that caught my attention yesterday, with the woman involved living in my neighborhood.

When (Officers) Brown and Estepe approached the Subaru's driver, Anne Marie Carpenter, her cellphone rang, police said, and she told them, "I'm taking this phone call. Wait your turn."

Strike one.

When the officers asked to speak with her again, she allegedly yelled obscenities at them. The officers then asked her to stand on the sidewalk for her safety, police said, and she told them, "Go (expletive) yourself. I'll do what I want. I've been around for a long time."

Strike two.

She also refused to take a sobriety test despite stumbling when she tried to walk, police said. After a brief struggle, the officers managed to handcuff her and drive her to District 14, where, to add insult to injury, she vomited on them.

Game over. Thank you for playing.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Where Do We Go From Here?

Presidential elections come around once every four years.
Red Sox World Series victories? Every 86 years.
News headlines come and go.
World currencies fluctuate on a daily basis.

Where now is one to turn for comfort and solace (and quality blogging material) 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long? An unwavering, reliable friend, who will stay by our side through thick and thin?


That being said, the Celebration Ale by Sierra Nevada is in stores now, and damn, it's tasty. From the brewery website:

The long, cold nights of winter are a little brighter with Celebration Ale. Wonderfully robust and rich, Celebration Ale is dry-hopped for a lively, intense aroma. Brewed especially for the holidays, it is perfect for a festive gathering or for a quiet evening at home.

Thank you sir, may I have another?

Coma-coma-coma Chameleon

The old coot's still hanging on.

PARIS - Yasser Arafat is in a coma and is "between life and death," though he is not brain dead, his spokeswoman said Friday. Doctors still had no diagnosis, but anxious Palestinian officials were already looking for ways to prevent unrest if their 75-year-old leader dies.

If he dies? That's putting a positive spin on the situation.

Exclusive Arafat bedside interview HERE!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

New Stickah Fuh the Cah

Be the first one on your block to sport the new "MoveOn" bumper sticker. More fabulous mAss Backwards merchandise to follow.

This is sure to be a hit across the river Cambridge. All proceeds to go to my favorite charity, Bruce's Future Firearms Fund.


It's over. Kerry just wrapped up his concession speech from Faneuil Hall in Boston. President Bush is scheduled to give his victory speech in about a half hour.


Redskins shmedskins - here's a political trend (2 for 2) you can bank on:

    Every time a guy named George Bush has run for the presidency against a liberal from Massachusetts, the guy named George Bush has prevailed. Go figure.

Now, onto the future. Who do you foresee as possible nominees in the 2008 race for the White House?

Giuliani vs. Clinton (Empire State Smackdown)
Romney vs. Edwards (Oh, the hair!)

Your thoughts?

UPDATE: Forget to mention - I never thought I'd be happy to say this, but John Kerry is my senator!

We Don't Need No Education

From a Kerry supporter at the Copley Square "rally" last night:

    However, should Bush win, Serpas said, "I'm moving out of the country - to Canada or the Dominican Republic - because I can't take no more four years."

File under "Piss Poor Planning"

Where do you suppose this guy went wrong?

Carita abandoned the Kia Spectra he allegedly tried to outrun state trooper Joel Balducci in...

Winners and Whiners

From a caller on WRKO's Blute and Scotto Show this morning on how the far left is going to lose their collective mind over Kerry's loss, despite all the money, media influence, and celebrity star power that went into his campaign to unseat President Bush.

    "Talk about losing their binkies."

Heh, indeed.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


At long last, the wait is over. Election Day is upon us. I'll be casting my vote for President Bush after work today. Do I think Bush is the best man for the job? Hardly. But, I'd sooner floss my teeth with a razor blade than vote for that total fraud sitting atop the Democratic ticket this time around.

Here is my official prediction:

George W. Bush will win the Electoral College with 281 to 285 votes. The popular vote will split nearly down the middle with Bush prevailing by a margin of roughly 1.5 percentage points, but not to exceed 50% of the total vote (49.8% - 48.3%), gotta give Michael Moore some good material to work with.

What will be the deciding factor? The overlap of the "Anybody But Bush" voting block and the "Playstation Deadbeat Slacker" population. This group will be staying home today in large numbers, tipping the scales in favor of the President.

Further, I think a good portion of the ABB crowd has recently been converted to the "Anybody But Bush OR Kerry" stay-at-home non-voting block, perfectly content to sit this one out and see what happens come 2008.

For entertainment purposes, I hope Bush wins this thing by the thinnest of margins. Just to watch the fringe left go apeshit, and to see if Kerry would do the right thing and call off the legal hounds and concede the race to President (once again) Bush.

UPDATE: Just heard this Kerry soundbite on the radio:

Are you ready to move America in a nude erection?

Not very presidential if you ask me.

MA Gun Control Success Stories - vol. XVIII

Here's the scenario:

Guy wants to kill his ex-girlfriend.

Guy gets caught trying to bring a knife onto a plane en-route to do so.

Guy unable to buy gun - due to Massachusetts' onerous gun control laws.

YAY! Life saved. Problem solved, right?

Nope. Ex-girlfriend ALSO unable to buy gun to defend herself.

Guy buys a new knife and stabs her to death.

A day before Thomas Toolan allegedly stabbed his ex-girlfriend to death on Nantucket, the spurned beau was caught trying to smuggle a large kitchen knife onto a plane at a New York airport, according to New York authorities.


When Toolan arrived on Nantucket Oct. 25, he bought a $13.95 knife at Brant's Point Marina, the owner told The New York Times. Toolan then hunted down 44-year-old Elizabeth Lochtefeld and killed her in her home, officials said. He was later arrested in Rhode Island.

What do you know? An individual intent on murder, with no respect for the law or for human life, goes out and kills someone in cold blood - and there was no firearm involved. I'm stunned. It's a good think Ms. Lochtefeld took the moral high road and chose to be unarmed. Otherwise, this guy might have been able to grab her gun and use it against her, and then she'd be dead. Oh wait...never mind.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Associated Press-ing for Kerry

Read this caption from the Associated Press, which accompanies a picture on the website of The MetroWest Daily News this morning.

A boy waves a sign supporting George Bush behind a man toting a John Kerry sign. (AP)

Now look at the picture in question:

I'm no expert in the field of footwear (or signage), but those look like flip-flops to me - not exactly what I would describe as a "Kerry sign". I see nothing in that picture that would demonstrate support for John Kerry's candidacy. Why would the AP caption that picture to imply there were both Bush supporters and Kerry supporters present at the time?

Just askin'.

There Goes Another One

Remember when we were led to believe the sunset of the Assault Weapons Ban would result in the streets being flooded with killing machines? Well, for the second time in as many weeks, a .40-caliber Glock handgun is on the street, courtesy of a negligent police officer in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

UPDATE (11/4/04): I have information from a reliable source that the first alleged incident I'm referring to here involved a soft-pellet BB gun, and NOT a police department issued handgun.

No amount of gun control legislation will curb gun violence in the country as long as idiots like THIS are wearing a badge.

Raynham police are investigating the apparent theft of an officer's service weapon, which disappeared from his home last week while his teenage daughter was throwing a party in his absence.

"We're working on it," Raynham Sgt. Detective Dave Bonaparte said yesterday. "We're going to pull out all the stops to get it back."

Bonaparte declined to identify the officer, but said the gun is a .40-caliber Glock. The semiautomatic firearm was reportedly secured and unloaded, but ammunition also was missing from the home, Bonaparte said.

Sources told the Herald the weapon vanished after the girl was showing it off to her party guests.

Secured, my ass. This officer should be kicked off the force, and his kid brought up on weapons charges. A kid can bring a plastic butter knife or a squirt gun to school these days and get hauled off in handcuffs. Don't hold your breath for the same idiotic zero-tolerance policy to be applied in this situation.

If this happened in the home of one of the "commoners", you can bet that swift legal action would be taken, the least of which being the immediate revocation of the homeowner's firearms license. Remember, according to the liberals on Beacon Hill, we little people don't need guns, the police (like this knucklehead in Raynham) will be there to protect us.

Gee, I feel so safe.