Tuesday, May 31, 2005

"Deep Throat" Revealed?

Ex-FBI man claims to be 'Deep Throat'

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Vanity Fair magazine said on Tuesday that Mark Felt, a former FBI official, had revealed himself to be "Deep Throat," the legendary source who leaked Watergate scandal secrets to the Washington Post and brought down President Richard Nixon.

(insert Marilyn Chambers Linda Lovelace joke here)

Thank you, reader Mark for the correction. Would that be "errataca"?

Friday, May 27, 2005

More Questionable Poll Numbers

What's with this "next to last" crap? I demand a recount!

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Massachusetts and Rhode Island residents rank at the bottom of the list when it comes to driving skills.

A new survey by GMAC Insurance shows Ocean State drivers are the worst in the country in knowing the rules of the road. Massachusetts ranks next to last.

Second place is for losers, dammit! We got some work to do, folks.


This is GOOD news.

Saluting justice served at last, Boston police pumped their fists yesterday and applauded the prosecutor who successfully convicted a would-be cop killer on trial for the second time in less than a year.

More (MUCH more) in this post from last October.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

How Many More, Mr. Mayor? How Many More?

UPDATED (5/27/05) at bottom of post.

On my way to work this morning, we (I've been carpooling with my neighbor while my Jeep's been in the shop this week) drove by this taped-off crime scene off of Centre Street in Jamaica Plain. Several police cars and the BPD Crime Scene Investigation unit were at the scene, adjacent to a local gas station. We figured it was most likely a robbery at the gas station, but I just now heard on the radio what happened there late last night or early this morning.

Police investigate killing of elderly Boston woman

(Boston - AP) — Boston police are investigating the apparent murder of an elderly woman whose body was found in her Jamaica Plain home.

Police are not releasing the woman's name, but neighbors tell WHDH — TV she was a 97-year-old woman who lived alone in the multi-family house on Saint John Street.

Officer John Boyle says the body was discovered shortly before 4 a-m after police received information that led them to the location.

Boyle says the case is considered a homicide and no arrests have been made.

Another proud day indeed for Mayor Menino, Attorney General Reilly, and the rest of the state's anti-liberty, gun-grabbing, hack politicians. Allow me to extend a hearty congratulations to the whole despicable lot of you - that grand scheme of yours is really paying off now.


I gotta say, with this Nor'easter pummeling the area with cold temperatures, heavy wind, and rain, I figured the local violent criminal population would take a little break from their regularly scheduled workload until at least this weekend. Guess that didn't happen.

UPDATE (5/27/05): More details here, including:

Bissett's bloodied body was wrapped in a rug and her face was purple with welts and bruises, according to a police source briefed on the case.

And this brilliant insight from one of our local law enforcement "experts" here:

"The neighborhood should be concerned and aware of their surroundings," said police spokesman Sergeant Thomas Sexton. "This is a serious incident."

You don't say.

Making the Short List

So, after a bit of research (and salivating over some quality gun porn), I have bumped this handgun up to the top of my short list for my first firearm purchase - the Ruger P345 semi-auto in .45ACP. Here are a couple links to some very positive reviews (and some of the accompanying pics).

The price is right AND it's approved for sale in the People's Republik of Massachusetts. Thank you, Tom Reilly (spit).

From American Handgunner...

...and GunBlast.com.

Anyone have any experience with this fine-looking piece of hardware? It's also now available with an all-blued finish - link HERE.

Drool, drool.

UPDATE: Another favorable review HERE.

Wanted: Brain - call William for details

State trooper gets gun brandish on videotape

A state police trooper on patrol for aggressive drivers arrested a Manchester 19-year-old yesterday after witnessing an alleged case of road rage involving a gun.

The teen - William Jsirandanis of 1136 Union St. - was arrested at gunpoint after Trooper Andrew Player saw the incident unfold in front of him. Player was traveling in an unmarked cruiser on southbound Interstate 93.

This friggin' moron decided it would be a smart idea to chase after someone on the highway whom he had perceived as having cut him off in traffic, and then wave a BB gun out the window at the guy.

Unfortunately, for our surviving brain donor here, there was an unmarked New Hampshire State Trooper right behind him with his cruiser's video camera rolling. This is a great read - the only thing missing is a quote from the kid's mother telling the world what a good boy her son is.

Last May, Jsirandanis pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor criminal threatening charges resulting from an incident Dec. 19, 2003, that began when another driver "flicked off" Jsirandanis as he drove through a red light.

Jonathon Zaleski told police he followed Jsirandanis' black BMW along Weston Road and when traffic came to a stop, Jsirandanis exited his vehicle with a knife in his mouth and an aluminum bat in hand, and approached Zaleski.

Zaleski said he got away, and Jsirandanis repeated the behavior at another traffic stop.

Jsirandanis received a six-month jail sentence, suspended if he remains on good behavior for two years. Yesterday, Jsirandanis was released on bail and is expected to be arraigned at Manchester District Court on June 20.

Two years? This guy lacks the brain power necessary to keep himself out of trouble for two days. As far as his being released on bail is concerned...

"All we are saying, is give Darwin a chance."[/johnlennon]

Player said if someone angers you in traffic, it's better to just let them go, or get a license number and call the police.

But, if someone gets out of their car armed with a knife and a bat and approaches your vehicle, feel free to substitute "let them go" with "run them down".

After witnessing a case of road rage, New Hampshire State Trooper Andrew
Player holds a gun on a car driven by William Jsirandanis of Manchester
yesterday morning on Interstate 293, just south of the Island Pond Road
overpass in Manchester. Below, a trooper escorts a passenger from
the Jsirandanis vehicle yesterday. (DICK MORIN/UNION LEADER)

A Welcome Breath of Sanity

This is the best news to come out of this disgraceful situation* in Taunton.

Ex-cop to get public shaming

TAUNTON — The City Council Tuesday voted unanimously to publicly post former police officer David Smith's picture with those of convicted sex offenders on the lobby bulletin board at City Hall.

"He is a menace to society, and his picture should be posted with the other degenerates," said Councilor Charles Crowley, who made the motion.


"He has admitted to it. Just because the district attorney made a backroom deal doesn't mean we have to hide our heads in the sand over it," Crowley said.


"The district attorney's deal does not mean we should not warn the public," he said. "The public will be warned of his whereabouts. There should be no special treatment for him."

Well, it's a little late for that last part there, but I heartily applaud Councilor Charles Crowley and the rest of the City Council for taking this necessary action. Who would have thought? Something being done "for the children" that actually is.

Let me add that I hope this asshole and his jackoff lawyer do decide to sue the city over this matter. The more publicity this scumbag's case gets, the better. Further, I actually hope he prevails in any such legal undertakings. That just might ignite enough rage in the hearts of the voters of Bristol County to send District Attorney Walsh to the end of the unemployment line where he belongs.

* Yeah, I know...which one?

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Mötley Clüeless

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret, Vince. This isn't exactly the driving force behind your sluggish album sales.

Mötley Crüe Files Suit Against NBC for Banning It Because of an Expletive


In the latest twist in the broadening battle over decency standards, the glam-metal band Mötley Crüe filed suit against NBC yesterday. The suit states that the network violated the group's free-speech rights and weakened its sales by banning it after Vince Neil, the lead singer, used an expletive on the air in a Dec. 31 appearance on "The Tonight Show."


So, I'm planning on going over to Vince Neil's house this weekend and singing showtunes in the middle of his kitchen. Apparently, the Constitution protects my right to do this. Who wants to join me?

"O-O-O-O-O-klahoma! Where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain..."

(link via Drudge)

Real Crack Reporting By The Herald

(pun intended)

50 Cent beats the rap: Community service for punching incident

Rapper 50 Cent will repay his debt to society by dissing gun violence on the airwaves - but a prosecutor says the ex-crack dealer infamous for being shot nine times isn't exactly the best role model.


Springfield District Court Judge Robert Kumor also ordered the ex-con refrain from carrying a gun in Massachusetts for two years, and ordered him to stay off drugs and submit to random drug testing.

Now, before anyone blows a gasket over that highlighted bit there (or e-mails this article to me in a fit of blood-boiling rage), take a deep breath, relax, and read on.

I'm going to give the Herald writer here the benefit of the doubt and assume that the judge said, or meant to say, "any kind of gun", referring to the Airsoft pellet guns Mr. Cent likes to wear as part of his little rapper costume. Flashback to this post from May 10, 2004.

Barrasso said it took security guards and two extra-duty police officers to push the rapper - who was carrying a pellet gun loaded with rubber BB bullets in a chic Gucci holster - back on stage.

(Insert snarky Gucci holster-related comments here)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

These Aren't the Morons You're Looking For

Move along.

Two Star Wars fans are in a critical condition in hospital after apparently trying to make light sabres by filling fluorescent light tubes with petrol.

A man, aged 20, and a girl of 17 are believed to have been filming a mock duel when they poured fuel into two glass tubes and lit it.

EDIT: Link fixed - thanks for the heads-up, Nate.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Reality Disconnect - Aisle Six!

Great news for the people of Taunton, Massachusetts - the town where convicted burglars and animal torturers and admitted child molesters are free to walk the streets, thanks to the wisdom and compassion put on display recently by the Bristol County District Attorney's office - fear not, help may soon be on the way.

TAUNTON — Residents of a high-crime neighborhood are asking city officials for more and better street lights to protect their families and properties.

Yes, knowing that the state is unlikely to ever reform the "common sense" gun control laws that actively prevent law-abiding citizens from taking responsibility for their own self-defense, the residents of Taunton have been reduced to asking their elected officials for special crime-fighting street lights to protect their loved ones from harm.

I just hope they hold up better than the special crime-fighting fences the town had put up recently. Again, I wish I was making this stuff up.

Drug dealers and buyers use Shores Street to gain access to the Fairfax Gardens public housing complex on DeWert Avenue, where a hole has been cut into the new 12-foot high anti-crime fence.

You just know that as soon as these new lights go up, all the crack dealers and purse-snatchers in town will denounce their evil ways, go back to high school, get productive jobs, and melt their guns down to make friendship bracelets, rather than pick up camp and relocate their business operations to some other poorly-illuminated part of town.

Also, I find it strange (though not surprising) that many of the people who are currently arguing against the death penalty, insisting it does nothing to deter violent criminals from killing someone are the same folks who insist that putting up a couple more street lights will.

Welcome to Bristol County

I have but one simple question for Bristol County District Attorney, Paul Walsh.

What the screaming bloody hell does an individual have to do in Bristol County to warrant even a day of prison time as a sentence for his misdoings?

From this previous post, we learned that the following offenses are off the list, thanks to the courageous leadership and the "get tough on crime" policies of District Attorney Walsh:

- Larceny of a Firearm
- Unlawful Possession of a Firearm
- Unlawful Possession
- Breaking and Entering
- Burglary
- Vandalism
- Animal Torture

Sounds pretty bad, huh? Unfortunately, we're just getting warmed up. From the Brockton Enterprise (READ THE WHOLE THING):

Outrage follows cop child abuse sentence

By Terence Downing, Enterprise staff writer

TAUNTON — Taunton police officer David Smith walked into Taunton District Court 10 months ago, facing charges of molesting his adoptive daughter.

He walked out earlier this month an ex-cop but a free man, despite admitting he assaulted the child nearly every night for a year shortly after she came into his home at age 7.

In a deal that has been blasted by child advocates and those who counsel rape victims, Smith, 58, was put on what is called pre-trial probation for four years. That means the charge will be dismissed if he stays out of trouble during that period.

That means Smith walks away with no criminal conviction and will not be required to register as a sex offender. He is also expected to be able to keep his pension, which a conviction would have stripped from him.

"It's an extremely lenient sentence that doesn't serve to protect the community and its children and it sends the wrong message that people can do this and get away with a slap on the wrist," said Janice Pothier-Pac, director of community and emergency services for New Hope, a rape crisis and sexual abuse organization serving southeastern Massachusetts.


Did you hit that link and read the whole thing?


Do it now.

Now read it again.

He walked out earlier this month an ex-cop but a free man, despite admitting he assaulted the child nearly every night for a year shortly after she came into his home at age 7.

Yes, this subhuman piece of trash sexually assaulted his 7-year-old adoptive daughter NEARLY EVERY NIGHT for A YEAR!

That means Smith walks away with no criminal conviction and will not be required to register as a sex offender. He is also expected to be able to keep his pension, which a conviction would have stripped from him.

And, yes, he's walking. No record. No need to register with the state as a sex offender. This is beyond sickening. District Attorney Walsh needs to be relieved of his position - IMMEDIATELY - and that would be just for starters. If ever the rallying cry "It's for the children!" would be applicable, this is it.

Obligatory follow-up question: Will Mr. Smith's license to carry a firearm in the Commonwealth be rescinded? Have his firearms been confiscated by his peers at the Taunton Police Department? From the information in this article it isn't clear if this is the case.

Welcome to Massachusetts.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

More "Stupid Dead Kids"

Let the hate mail roll in - at this point I really don't give a shit.

As long as kids continue to read stories of their peers getting drunk and killing themselves, and then go out and do the EXACT FUCKING SAME THING, I'll keep on writing about it and calling them what they are: Stupid. Dead. Kids.

Two young people killed, three hospitalized in car crash

REVERE, Mass. - Two men were killed and three others injured when a car speeding along the Revere Beach Parkway early Friday morning slammed into a tree.

Police said the impact was so hard that the vehicle split into two sections, ejecting the three passengers who were injured.

The driver, 19-year-old Louis Cambindo, and passenger Alexander Melendez, 20, were both killed.

None of the five passengers was wearing a seat belt, police said.

The car went off the road on a curve near the Eagle Heights Church in Revere around 1:30 a.m. The three injured passengers were taken to area hospitals. None of the injuries were believed to be life-threatening, police said.

State Trooper Jeff Gendreau estimated the car was traveling about 85 mph at the time of the accident. He said the posted speed limit was 40 mph.

So, here we have a bunch of kids, most likely intoxicated, speeding in a car driven by an inexperienced driver, at nearly double the posted speed limit, at night - a real winning combination.

And how does this story get reported in today's world, where the concept of personal responsibility is all but a distant faded memory?

Two perish in crash on treacherous Revere road

A Fitchburg State College student with dreams of running his own business was one of two young men who died in a car crash on a treacherous stretch of Revere Beach Parkway early yesterday.

Oh, of course, it was clearly the road's fault. How foolish of me not to arrive at that conclusion.

News flash: You put five drunk kids in a Honda on any stretch of roadway in the country, and tell them to drive at twice the posted speed limit, at night, with no seatbelts on, and I'll guarantee you at least one of the little bastards won't be down for breakfast the next day.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Daydreaming and Real Estate (cont.)

HOLLIS, NH - Refurbished 9 rm Colonial - Hardwood floors,
new carpeting, freshly painted. Bedroom & bath w/private
staircase, also would be great office armory. Spacious eat-in
kitchen w/woodstove. Living Room w/fireplace. $415,000

Northeast Shooters Forum

I was doing some window shopping at Four Seasons Guns' website yesterday when I came across Northeast Shooters, a new (to me, anyway) forum for New England area firearms enthusiasts and 2nd Amendment supporters. A fine place for us Massholes to congregate as we fight the good fight.

Consider it group therapy. I know I do.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Welcome to the Jungle

Long-time mAss Backwards reader and commenter, Carter, has finally had enough. As of yesterday, he has officially surrendered to the Dark Side* and joined the blogosphere. Stop by his new site, American Lights, and say "Hi". His tagline:

Ever sit in a movie theatre, and there's a guy always commenting on the movie... During the movie? That's me. I have something to say about everything, and if it is worthy of commenting on, you can find it here.

Oh, man, that was you? Sorry 'bout that little Skittles and Dr. Pepper incident the other day, but you did have it coming.

* This will be my first (and most likely, last) Star Wars reference until all this hype dies down a bit. Jesus Christ, people, it's only a friggin' movie.

More Bay State "Justice"

File this one under "It Sucks Being Right". Yes, once again, I find myself almost too pissed off to write, emphasis on "almost". If you remember, back in September, we were introduced to this bunch of low-life, scumbag kids:

The Humphreys said that while they were vacationing in Maine, the teens broke in through a basement window and killed their fish, shot one cat, egged another cat, plucked out their bird's feathers and covered their turtle and lizard with dishwasher detergent.

They also urinated on clothes, broke furniture, smashed electronic equipment and new kitchen appliances, dumped paint on new carpets and walls, destroyed kitchen cabinets and poured out food, officials allege.

The teens stole two guns, ammo, jewelry and Humphrey's correction officer badge, said officials, who estimate the damage at $110,000.

My thoughts on the matter at that time:

I wouldn't be surprised to see county prosecutors pull out the old kid gloves and let them off easy (probation, no prison time, keeping it in juvenile system).

Guess fucking what?

Jail time avoided by animal abusers

TAUNTON — Three teenagers pleaded guilty to wrecking a local family's house while abusing and killing family pets during a vandalism rampage last August, and at least two of the teens will not serve jail time.

Vincent Morrison, 17, of 95 Leahy Drive; Abraham Rodriguez, 17, of 27 Smith St.; and Keith S. Freeman, 17, of 42 Cotuit Road, East Taunton, pleaded guilty in Juvenile Court. Rodriguez and Freeman gave their pleas Monday and were sentenced.


Abraham pleaded guilty to gun theft and carrying a firearm without a license and was given a suspended sentence to his 18th birthday as well as probation conditions.

Freeman pleaded guilty to breaking and entering, animal cruelty and larceny of a firearm and was given a suspended sentence to April 2006.

Welcome to Massachusetts: Steal guns, ammunition, and a correction officer's badge after breaking into an unoccupied dwelling and torturing the animals therein - you're free to go, have a nice day. Apply for a permit to even possess a firearm in your home - get treated like a criminal and have your rights severely and arbitrarily infringed upon.

This is what our politicians, prosecutors, and judges call "common sense". Clearly, we all need to be more "compassionate" toward these poor, innocent children. It's not their fault they're complete losers. We, as a society, should all assume some share of responsibility for their actions. Fuck that! This is an outright disgrace - an immeasurable slap in the face to every law-abiding citizen who has to share oxygen with these little shits. What happened to all the "get tough on crime" bullshit we hear on election year?

Here's my not-so-bold follow-up prediction: It won't be six months until one of these choirboys is in trouble with the law again. We should all look at this incident as just a little speed bump on the road to prison for these morally-bereft assholes, and just hope no innocent people are harmed during the remainder of the journey.


Meet Edward Barrett.

Edward Barrett is a rare Bostonian. He roots for the Yankees, adores Republicans, and prefers Ronald Reagan to JFK. And every week, he voluntarily attends Boston City Council meetings.

Every Wednesday morning for six years, Barrett has shuffled into City Hall's Iannella Chamber in time for the 11:30 meeting, waved to the stenographer, and assumed his preferred spot in the top row of stadium seats.

The 68-year-old has scrutinized the council's every move, because he wants to "get a handle on things," and, as he put it, somebody has to keep an eye on government.

"I don't come here for fun," Barrett said. "All politics is local, and there's so much waste of money in city government. If most people did this, Boston would be a better city, once they see what's going on."

Can't argue with that, except maybe the part about rooting for the Yankees. Traitorous bastard.

Quote of the Day:

Asked if he could think of one thing the City Council does well, he laughed and shook his head. "Nothing," he said.

What is it that I find so refreshing about a person who can give a concise, one-word answer like that? Perhaps, it's something our junior senator should have looked into.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Nothing New Here

My apologies go out to those of you coming here for the daily MGCSS/DHBA. I've been otherwise occupied lately, but will be resuming my normal blogging schedule shortly. In the meantime, here's a two-fer to hold you over.

First up, from Lynn, Lynn, the city of sin (you never come out the way you go in):

2 charged with slaying man, daughter

LYNN -- The man showed up on the Finnertys' doorstep asking for a "dime." Judith Finnerty told him she "didn't do that" and shut the door on him. Less than two minutes later, he returned with three men wearing masks and dark clothing who pushed their way inside, Lynn police said.

Dashing to the other end of the apartment, Finnerty heard four "pops" and raced back to find her disabled husband and 16-year-old daughter bleeding from gunshot wounds, she said.


Phap Buth, 30, and Chon Son, 19, pleaded not guilty yesterday in Lynn District Court, where each was arraigned on two counts of first-degree murder. Son also faces a charge of illegal possession of a firearm. Both were born in Cambodia and now live in Revere.

Remember, folks, they're only coming into this country to perform the home invasions American citizens don't want to do.

After apprehending Buth, police raided a Morris Street house nearby that they say has been used by Asian gang members. They found a .380-semiautomatic pistol, a TEC-9 pistol with an extended magazine, and Son, who has a tattoo of the Grim Reaper on his left forearm.

But...but...that gun is banned under Senator Barrios' "common-sense" "assault weapons" ban. Surely there must be some mistake. Is this story implying that gangbangers and drug dealers can get their hands on whatever kind of gun they want? And an "extended magazine" as well? Why, this might lead one to believe that laws banning such items are completely useless, and that murderous thugs have no respect for such legislation.


And, keeping with the home invasion theme in the land of CSGC, here is another lovely story from my neck of the woods, the Boston neighborhood of West Roxbury.

Misguided invaders terrorize Hub pair

A trio of masked gunmen who burst into the West Roxbury home of a city emergency medical technician, pressed a gun to his head, and demanded to know where the drug stash was, retreated after realizing they hit the wrong house.

In the gun-free Utopia of Boston? I'm shocked, I tell you...shocked.

The roommates heard shattering glass and were set upon by three men who broke in through a front door, sprayed them with Mace, and brandished guns. The intruders wore bandanas around their faces as they restrained the EMT with his own handcuffs, and the roommate with rope.

But...but...it's illegal to carry mace without a license, never mind the handguns. This clearly shows bad judgment on their part, and I have no doubt their licenses to carry firearms will be revoked immediately upon their apprehension.[/sarcasm]

Side note: Am I missing something here? Since when do EMT's carry handcuffs? While off-duty? Perhaps this one should just be filed under "What you do behind closed doors is none of my business".

And so, life goes on in the Bay State. Violent, armed criminals roaming the streets, beating, abducting, raping, and killing the law-abiding, unarmed, defenseless citizens at will. All in accordance with the wishes of our elected officials.

It's "for the children".

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Pride of Morissey Boulevard

Compare the Boston Globe's front page coverage of the journalistic shortcomings of others...

...to the front page coverage of their own.

Shocking, I know.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Profiles in Courage (or Stupidity?)

Over the weekend, I replaced the living room curtains while my wife was out of town, without consulting with her as to the style, fabric, or color thereof. I am...

A) The bravest man walking the earth today.


B) The dumbest.

I report, you decide.

On the blog front, posting will be relatively light over the next few days. It looks like it will take a while to unclog my toilet and clean my bathroom. Who knew a single issue of Newsweek could do so much damage?

UPDATE: And, speaking of "doing some damage" - in the future, when I say I wouldn't wipe my ass with the pages of Newsweek, it will have nothing to do with the magazine's editorial content.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Weekend Riddle

What looks like bullshit, smells like bullshit, feels like bullshit, and - would you be inclined to have a bite - tastes like bullshit?

Give up? Here's a hint. Stop me if you've heard this one before.

A Centre, Ala. man reportedly shot himself three times by accident while cleaning his gun on May 6. From Polk County police reports: Kole Eugene Maxwell, 18, of 10370 County Road, Centre, Ala., was transported to Polk Medical Center for several gun shot wounds to his right side. Police met with Maxwell at the hospital, where he said that he was cleaning his 9 mm pistol when it went off. According to reports, Maxwell would not or could not tell the officer what address he was at when the incident occurred. Police attempted to speak to the subject who had brought Maxwell to the hospital, though, the subject had already left. The scene was then turned over to investigators with the Polk County Police Department. Maxwell was treated and released from Polk Medical Center.

Poor baby. Such a tragic accident. I blame the gun.[/moron]

(link via Say Uncle)

Friday, May 13, 2005

This Looks Promising

From the New Hampshire Union Leader:

More illegal immigrants charged with trespassing

HUDSON — Following the lead of the New Ipswich police chief, Hudson police charged two men with criminal trespassing because they are in the United States illegally.

These are the first two illegal immigrants Hudson police have ever charged with criminal trespassing, police Chief Richard E. Gendron said yesterday. "I suspect it will not be the last."

I suspect (and hope) the Chief is right.

The New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union's executive director, Claire Ebel, is looking for the courts to rule that charging illegal immigrants with criminal trespassing is a misapplication of the law.

"The Mexican Consulate was very concerned that if (Ramirez's initial guilty) pleas were allowed to stand, it would set a precedent and other jurisdictions would follow suit. And, apparently, their concerns were well-founded," Ebel said, referring to the Hudson charges.

Oh, no, Claire, that would be just terrible. I mean, imagine that - the law enforcement community becoming so emboldened as to enforce the law in their community.

The horror!

Friday Funny Friday

If this doesn't make you laugh out loud, there's something seriously wrong with you.

A 20-year-old Dunstable man reportedly siphoning gas by the light of the moon suffered second-degree burns over 20 percent of his body Sunday, when he sparked a lighter so he could see better.

I don't care who you are, that's funny.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Redefining "Arrogant" on a Daily Basis

POST UPDATED (5/13) - see below

OK, it's no secret - I'm not a big fan of Boston mayor Tom "Mumbles" Menino.

(waits for waves of disbelief to die down)

But, I was literally speechless as I watched the local news last night and saw Mumbles strolling around the neighborhood in Dorchester where John Beresford was recently stabbed to death while confronting the thugs who had just grabbed a friend's purse in the nearby park. It seems Mr. Beresford's grieving partner of eight years, Adam Greenfield, decided to confront the mayor and actually express the desire to talk about the problem of violent crime in the city.

Well, this clearly ran contradictory to Menino's plan to show up, shake hands, shed a sympathetic tear, and regurgitate the same old "the city is safe - we're going to get tough on crime" horseshit, so Mr. Greenfield was told to take a hike. This event was all about the Mayor getting some good PR and some camera time as the election draws closer - little people be damned. Sound familiar?

It was nice of him, though, to make sure all the local news crews arrived and had their cameras rolling before he began "extending his condolences" to the neighborhood.

From the Boston Herald:

What was supposed to be an opportunity for Menino to extend his condolences - on a day he coincidentally was supposed to meet with Beresford about the park - turned into a publicity nightmare when Greenfield wanted to talk about the city's safety shortcomings. Greenfield was pursuaded [sic] to bring up the issue another time.

"The people all should be safe and there's thugs," Greenfield told Menino. "Something like this is very scary."

The money quote:

Menino asked for the public's help in capturing the suspects who murdered Beresford, saying, "Those hoodlums are not going to take over our streets."

Um...that's what Mr. Beresford was TRYING to do, you moron!

UPDATE (5/13): I really don't feel the need for additional commentary on my part - just read.

Slain Samaritan had armed himself with drill
By Franci Richardson and Peter Gelzinis
Friday, May 13, 2005 - Updated: 03:42 AM EST

The good Samaritan who was stabbed to death as he tried to stop a purse snatching in his Dorchester neighborhood was armed with a drill when he confronted the hoodlums who killed him, sources told the Herald.

Quote of the Day Century

"The Second Amendment is as important as the First Amendment."

- Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, on CNN's "Larry King Live"

(link via Geek With a 45)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Sounds Like a Good Plan To Me

Clayton Cramer on drunk driving:

I've long felt that a person convicted of drunk driving should be limited to motorcycles for a long, long time. A motorcycle can still do some damage in a traffic accident, but generally much less than a car or a truck--and if you drive a motorcycle while drunk with any regularity, this tends to be self-correcting.

Thanks For the Advice

Boston Herald - May 9, 2005

"...you can't expect the police to do it on their own."

- Boston Mayor Tom Menino, on combating the rise of violent crime in the neighborhoods of Boston.

Boston Herald - May 11, 2005

A good Samaritan who tried to stop two purse snatchers died last night after he was stabbed in the chest yesterday near Ronan Park in Dorchester, police said.

I rest my case...for now.

The Menino Plan is Working

Well, the mayor's plan to disarm the citizens the Boston seems to be working. Just one small problem, innocent people are being killed as direct result of it. Why? Because, GUNS DON'T CAUSE CRIME! They can sure as hell prevent crime, but that would require actually allowing law-abiding citizens to carry firearms to defend themselves. Good Lord, we can't have that. Why that might put the drug dealers, muggers, and rapists at a severe disadvantage. And that wouldn't be fair. Where's the "social justice" in that plan?

Today's MGCSS/DHBA comes from Dorchester, where the city's 20th homicide victim met his fate coming to the aid of a friend who had been mugged. Congratulations, Mr. Mayor (and the rest of you gun-grabbing scumbags), I hope you're reading the papers this morning and enjoying the fruit of your labor.

Dorchester activist is fatally stabbed

John Beresford got an urgent call yesterday from a friend who said muggers had snatched a companion's purse. He ran out of his Dorchester house to nearby Ronan Park to help and confronted two young men believed to be the muggers. But his courageous act put the 40-year-old neighborhood activist face to face with an attacker who plunged a knife into his chest.

While I applaud the actions of Mr. Beresford coming to the aid of a friend in need (that's what friends do), I can't help but think this story would have had a much happier ending had he went to help his friend with a gun in hand.

Beresford was pronounced dead shortly afterward at Boston Medical Center, the city's 20th homicide this year. The slaying stunned neighbors near the park, a wide, grassy perch with sweeping views of Boston Harbor, which for years has been plagued by violence and drug dealers.

Unfortunately, it seems Mr. Beresford, and far too many of the city's residents, had been paying attention to Mayor Menino while he was spouting off bullshit like this:

It's a safe city, but I think we have an issue today that must be addressed.

Menino, being the consummate politician that he is, seems perfectly content to sacrifice the lives of the people of Boston in order to maintain the confidence of the voters of the city. Does anyone think, for one second, he would actually admit the streets are unsafe after having spent so many years in office. Why, that might mean he's been an ineffective, limp-dicked weasel, more concerned with maintaining power than actually doing something to better the lives of the people of Boston.

So, if you're keeping score at home (yes, you should be):

Upstanding citizen and devoted community activist getting a knife plunged into his heart by a couple thugs = "issue"

Upstanding citizens looking for permission to carry a firearm to defend themselves from violent assaults = a dangerous, unsafe situation which would result in violent criminals babies being killed.

On a somewhat related side note - a campaign worker for Mayor Menino came to my door looking for signatures for his re-election efforts. I gave him a polite "no", but should have just referred him to the back end of my Jeep for a little reading material.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

With Legislators Like This...

...who needs enemies?

State Representative, and hardcore gun-grabber, David Linsky, was on WRKO this morning with host, John Depetro, and Lt. Governor Healy discussing the latest death penalty legislation being proposed by the Romney administration.

A caller to the show beat me to the punch, asking Linsky if he believed that people should have the right to defend themselves against violent criminals, citing his many efforts to curb the rights of Massachusetts gun owners. Linsky, naturally followed that with the same tired old "common-sense, most effective gun control, blah blah blah" bullshit. After all, he has "literally seen" the damage that guns can do. He didn't come close to answering the question, of course, but I'm sure it made him feel all warm and tingly inside to regurgitate that line of crap.

Here is the e-mail I sent along, not that I'm expecting it to be read on the air. But, hey, just sending it made me feel all warm and tingly inside.

If only this hypocritical windbag, Linsky, would defend the rights of law-abiding gun owners in the Commonwealth as vigorously as he stands up for the rights of murderous scum. What a clown. A complete disgrace to the office he holds.

And people wonder why Massachusetts is losing population.

Monday, May 09, 2005


Remember, folks, these are merely simple "common sense" gun control laws we're talking about here.





Sticking to their guns

DEDHAM -- On an April afternoon seven years ago, Joseph Landers walked out of the M&M Food Shoppe on High Street with a sub sandwich in one hand, a pizza in another, and a stainless steel handgun holstered on his shoulder underneath his coat.


Landers' coat was not entirely zipped up that day, and when the wind blew it open, a Dedham Police officer across the street zoomed in and noticed the gun. Upon request by the officer, Landers produced a valid five-year license issued in 1995 to carry the gun. But the problem was, state law required that he keep the weapon concealed.

While the officer let Landers go without an arrest, the Adams Street resident soon after received notice from Dedham Police Chief Dennis Teehan that his Class A license to carry firearms had been revoked due to the incident.

To protect (their cushy jobs) and serve (their over-blown egos). Just one more self-righteous, power-hungry so-called "officer of the law" trampling on the rights of those he's sworn to protect - and all with the blessings of the state. Nothing but another disgrace to the uniform who needs to be strung up by the nutsack, alongside Police Chiefs O'Leary (Brookline) and Crowley (Quincy). Honestly, what an asshole (apologies to actual assholes - nothing personal)!

Seriously though, all joking and name-calling aside, what gage piano wire would be most effective in that capacity? I'm thinking two F-sharp's up from Middle C.

But wait, there's more (there always is, unfortunately).

By denying a license to carry, Teehan has also limited the types of weapons Landers can hold in his vast historical collection. That's what bothers Landers the most.

Whereas Landers still has pistols and rifles from the Civil War and other 1800's conflicts, he cannot possess 20th century weapons such as the W.W. II model M-1 carbine. To even possess such weapons in his home for display, Landers needs the Class A license to carry firearms, but all he has right now is a Firearm Identification, or FID, card, a more basic license that does not allow "large capacity" cartridge guns like the M-1 carbine.

(or the mere possession of ANY handguns)

Hypothetical question: If Dedham Police Chief Teehan and State Senator Jarrett Barrios were both in the same room with you, which of the two would you knee in the nuts first?

Decisions, decisions. Remember, it would be "for the children".

I'd write more, but I'm way too pissed off right now.

(link via KABA)

UPDATE - Good news (maybe) for Dedham gun owners: I found this story linked to the one above in the Daily News Transcript. The story, from last November is now archived, but the opening paragraph says enough.

DEDHAM -- Police Chief Dennis Teehan announced he will retire next year, having served more than 17 years at the post and 33 years overall on the force. Teehan, 54, said he would pursue a job somewhere else, but was not sure where yet.

Good riddance. If you're planning on applying for a gun license in Dedham, you might want to wait until the door closes behind him. I say "might" because we all know the new guy might be even worse (shudder).

Home Again

Well, I made it home last night around 12:30 or so. It's going to be a serious coffee day. Regular blogging will resume once the cobwebs are cleared out and I've had time to catch up on the news of the day.

I was looking for a link to a story I read in the Boston Herald as we were waiting to board our plane on Friday. It seems the owners of a Boston flower shop were forced to close their business after being help up at knifepoint on several occasions. Forcing small businesses out of existence - the Menino legacy lives on.

It would make the perfect "Compare and Contrast" post with the previous story of the Arlington pharmacist who opened fire when some asshole tried to rob him at gunpoint a few days ago.

I've got more to say on that story as well. Will get to it eventually. Right now, I need coffee.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

I'm Off For the Weekend

I'm headed to the left coast for the weekend, going to a wedding of one of my wife's high school friends. But, I didn't want to skip out of town before leaving you with this.

Would be thief foiled by pharmacy owner

(Arlington, MASS - AP) — A would-be Oxycontin thief exchanged gunfire with the owner of an Arlington pharmacy this afternoon.

He escaped without being hit.

Police say the man entered Maida's Pharmacy just before three p-m this afternoon, intending to steal Oxycontin.

But the owner pulled a gun and the two fired shots at each other.

Nobody was hit and the alleged thief took off in a black Cadillac with an accomplice.

Police are searching for the two men.

And this happened in Massachusetts? Will miracles never cease? What a way to start my weekend.

One closing comment: Get thee to the range, sir.

Stay safe, all.

The Massachusetts Solution - version 2.0

They say there are two things in life of which you can be certain - death and taxes. I wouldn't argue either of those, especially the latter, being a tax-paying homeowner in Massachusetts.

Now, here's my latest version of "two things of which you can be certain".

1) The vast majority of the politicians and people of Massachusetts will continue living their lives in a state of ignorant bliss, unaware of the realities that exist outside the little fantasy worlds they have conveniently created for themselves.


2) This blog will continue to virtually write itself.

As evidence of this, I present these three items as a follow-up to this previous post from last month regarding the brutal murder of a pregnant woman and her unborn child at the gas station in Deerfield, Massachusetts where she worked.

The first of these is this story from the Boston Herald. It appears the police have identified a "person of interest" in this case.

Suspect identified in murder of gas station clerk

GREENFIELD, Mass. - Prosecutors on Wednesday identified a 40-year-old handyman with a long criminal record as a suspect in the slaying of a pregnant convenience store clerk in Deerfield.

Dennis Bateman, of Greenfield, was named as a suspect in Brandy Waryasz's death during his arraignment at Greenfield District Court on an unrelated larceny charge.

If he is proven to be the killer of Ms. Waryasz and her unborn child, let's just hope this scumbag meets an untimely, and equally brutal, demise at the hands of a fellow inmate (or six).

Next up, of course, is the obligatory, ridiculously asshatted "Massachusetts Solution" being proposed by Ms. Waryasz's family and endorsed by one of our courageous state legislators.

Family Of Slain Woman Proposes Gas Station Safety Standards

DEERFIELD (AP) -- The family of a pregnant woman slain last month while she worked alone at a Deerfield gas station wants to prevent others from suffering the same fate.

Yep, you know where this is (or isn't) going.

The family is proposing legislation for minimal security standards at gas stations and convenience stores where people often work alone -- which could include surveillance cameras.

Oooh, now we're getting "tough on crime". I wonder what else this brilliant piece of legislation would provide for. Perhaps, signs at the doors of the gas stations stating in bold text "MURDERING OUR EMPLOYEES IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED". Or maybe it will require that Peter, Paul, and Mary music be played at soothing volume levels in all such establishments. Surely, that would tame even the most vicious of criminals.

I'll bet anyone reading this the contents of my Michael Dukakis campaign button collection that nowhere in this bill will you find anything that would loosen the requirements for people in high-risk professions to apply for a license to carry a firearm.

State Representative Steven Kulik says seeking such legislation would be a tough sell in Massachusetts, but he said it is worth looking at.

A tough sell? Are you nuts? Why, this type of "under the box" thinking is exactly what the people of Massachusetts have come to expect. They live for this shit, man.

And, can someone please ask Representative Kulik to explain why it is that bank robbery continues to be a problem in the Commonwealth, and everywhere else, when virtually every financial institution in the country uses surveillance cameras as an integral part of their standard security measures.

And last, but by no means least, another excellent related post from Kevin at Smallest Minority.

Got a Tissue?

Go. Read. Now.

Maybe They Used MapQuest

NYPD investigates small blast at British consulate

NEW YORK (Reuters) - New York police were investigating two predawn blasts at the British consulate in midtown Manhattan that shattered some windows but caused no injuries, a spokesman said on Thursday.


Police, including bomb squad specialists, and fire department officials blocked off the area, just a few blocks from the United Nations. The building is located at 845 Third Avenue, between 51st and 52nd streets.

To quote the great Maxwell Smart: "Missed it by that much, Chief."

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Spring Cleaning Time

Time for a little overdue blogroll maintenance - newest additions include:

Coyote at the Dogshow
Q and O Blog
No Quarters
Freedom Sight
Stop the Bleating

I'm sure there are plenty of others I've either overlooked or forgotten about. Maybe I'll get to them eventually. I've also gone and removed some of those blogs which, for whatever reason, seem to have fallen silent (more than a month or so since the last post).

One more note: the blog formerly known as North Georgia Dogma has now assumed the name of Toys in the Attic. Update your records accordingly.

That is all for now. As you were.

More Crazy Cantabrigians

The total annihilation of common sense and personal responsibility continues unabated in the Bay State. From the Cambridge TAB comes this delightful tale of enlightenment from the left bank of the Charles. This story is so wrong on so many levels it's hard to know where to begin.

Feces still litter park

Six months after they started finding foul litter at a Cambridge Common playground, Harvard Square preschool teachers say they continue to find human feces, used tampons and other dirty items scattered about the play structures.

Gee, a bunch of out-of-touch, feel-good, hippy-dippy liberals go out of their way to make the homeless feel "at home" in their community, and then they get all bent out of shape when the homeless treat part of their "home" like a toilet? What on earth did they think would happen?

Last fall, some preschoolers were smeared with feces after recess, sparking an outcry from several parents. While most stressed that they weren't blaming the homeless, they still had concerns about their child's safety. Several used hypodermic needles were found in the tot lot as well.

And, of course, no one will go on record and blame the homeless people who are doing the actual defecating here. Why, that might offend them. I mean, all they're doing - for all intents and purposes - is shitting on your children. Where's the harm in that? Come on, people, let's show a little compassion toward the residentially-challenged here. A little celebrating of diversity, if you will. After all, it's only organic fecal matter. Organic's good, right? Think of it as fertilizer for the flowers. We can't be anti-flower now, can we?

Gerlinde Hossain-Endl, the director of Bigelow, also doesn't blame the homeless population, who have few public restroom options, but wishes a common solution could be found.

And where, exactly, are we supposed to place the blame for this?

"We recognize that the homeless have to go somewhere, and we don't want to build a wall around a public ground," she said. "As a society, we all create the situation for homeless people ... but we also want our kids to have clean playgrounds."

Ahhh, yes, it's society's fault that these people can't find a dumpster, or a remote alleyway, a river, or (God forbid) a TOILET to go take a dump in. It's our evil capitalist "society", driven no doubt by the utter failings of the Bush=Satan/Hitler/Monkey Administration, that is responsible for these people pinching loaf on your children's swingsets.

Fucking Cambridge idiots.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Step Away From The Snooze Button

Violent crime? In the "progressive" hamlet of Cambridge? I'm shocked!

Harvard U. Investigating Alleged Gay Beating

BOSTON -- Harvard University and Cambridge, Mass., police are investigating a possible hate crime after an openly gay student was allegedly attacked.

Galo Garcia said he was walking down Bow Street Friday night when a driver passing by started calling him and his companion names. Garcia confronted the driver, who then allegedly punched and beat Garcia.

Naturally, his fellow students were saddened and horrified to hear of such an event taking place so close to the walls of their enlightened institution of higher learning.

"I live right here and it's scary to think this [could] happen really close to where I live," said student Mika Morse.

Have you ever - oh, I don't know - read the friggin' newspaper, Mika?

"I think Harvard is a very supporting community when it comes to homosexuality and basically anything that America at large wouldn't support," student Wotjek Kubik said.

What the hell is that supposed to mean, you ignorant twit? "America at large" doesn't support the sexual abuse of children or puppy torture, either. What's your point? What do you say you take a few baby steps outside your insulated fantasy world of left-wing academia and look around, Wotjek? It's a big, scary world out here, and in the grand scheme of things, your mighty Harvard University is but a speck of dust. Trust me on this one.

"I don't know how you can really prevent [such attacks], I mean, the police force is pretty good as it is, and students are pretty vigiliant [sic], but you don't expect that to happen around here," student Andrea Tsurumi said.

Give these folks a call, Andrea.

They can offer you some sound advice on that matter.

"It definitely saddened me and it definitely made, I think, everybody who's a member of our community feel less safe," student Michael Feldstein said.

Welcome to reality, Michael. Sucks, don't it?

"It's totally awful and something I would totally never expect to happen so close to Harvard campus. We're a very open, liberal campus," Morse said.

And how, exactly, should that make you immune to the harsh realities of the world? By your line of reasoning, Al Qaeda should have flown those hijacked airplanes into the NRA headquarters or maybe the State House in Boise, Idaho. I mean, why attack New York City? It's a "very open, liberal" kind of environment.

Here's a news flash, kids. There are people in all corners of the world, from all walks of life, who won't show even a trace of remorse in stabbing you for a ham sandwich, or beating you with their fists because you wore your hair a certain way, or smashing your face with a rock for the spare change in your pocket.

It's time you stop hitting the snooze button on your wake-up call. A six-figure tuition bill won't do the trick when it comes to adequately preparing you for life outside the ivy-lined classroom walls. Who knew?

Saw This One Coming

While my heart goes out to the friends and family of Victoria Snelgrove, who have suffered an unimaginable loss here, this is just wrong. I can't say I didn't see it coming from a mile away, though.

Snelgroves weigh suit against gunmaker

The City of Boston announced yesterday that it will pay the biggest wrongful death settlement in its history, $5 million, to the family of Victoria Snelgrove, the college student killed in October by police trying to control a crowd outside Fenway Park.

Under the settlement, the city could recoup up to $2 million if Snelgrove's family successfully sues the manufacturer of the pepper-pellet gun used by police when she was killed.


O'Toole also disclosed that Deputy Superintendent Robert E. O'Toole Jr., the commander who authorized the use of the FN303 pepper-pellet gun and who fired one himself that night without certification, is retiring from the department.

Let me see if I understand this correctly.

1) The weapon that was used to fire the fatal shot was negligently discharged into a crowd by an untrained, non-certified officer, at the direction of his supervisors, acting as an authoritative representative of and on behalf of the City of Boston.

2) The weapon fired a projectile precisely as it was designed, marketed, and implemented to do so.

3) And now the City of Boston seeks to recoup $2 million dollars from the manufacturer of said weapon.

What a complete load of crap!

The Snelgrove family, rightfully so, has reached a financial settlement with the City of Boston - end of story (at least in a perfect world it would be, but Boston Massachusetts is pretty fucking far from perfect). For the city to turn around now and even consider piggy-backing onto a possible lawsuit by the Snelgrove family against the manufacturer of the pellet gun is unconscionable.

I've come to expect city officials to pass the buck whenever possible. You know, maybe when a few side streets don't get plowed for a couple days in February, or when residents complain about the lack of digital internet services in their neighborhoods. But this attempt to shift the blame, even in part, for Ms. Snelgrove's death onto an innocent third party is just reprehensible.

The state-sponsored (and enforced) dissolution of the concept of personal responsibility: It's not just for us "common folks" anymore.

Also noteworthy is that the manufacturer of the pellet gun used by the BPD in this incident is FN Herstal, makers of the now-infamous Five-seveN (5.7 x 28 mm) pistol, the subject of many a recent GBDJ's being proposed throughout the once-free United States of America.

Monday, May 02, 2005

It's pronounced "DUM-ass"


Welcome to the Woodshed

Working title: Ouch, That's Gotta Hurt

Boston Globe columnist, Derrick Z. (is for "idiot") Jackson, gets taken down a notch by the seventh-grade writer of this letter to the editor.

DERRICK JACKSON seems to think that President Bush's proposed cuts to physical education will exacerbate the obesity crisis even more ("The crumbling pyramid," op ed, April 27).

Even supposing that federal funding was not cut, does Jackson believe that fully funded phys ed would encourage obese students to abandon their sedentary habits? After school, students watch three hours of television and eat fatty foods. It hardly matters whether our physical education programs are fully funded. The solution lies elsewhere.

New Bedford

When you're columns are getting bitch-slapped by 13-year-olds, it might be time to hang up the pen.

The writer is a seventh-grade student at Nativity Preparatory School.

And NOT a product of our over-bloated, union-run public education system here in Massachusetts? I'm shocked.

But the fun doesn't stop there. In this letter to the editor from today's Boston Globe, Brendan O'Brien from Haverhill takes Mr. Jackson to task over another recent column of his.

IT WAS, as always, a pleasure to pick up the op-ed page and be lectured (this time in a Derrick Jackson column) about how Americans are uncurious and ignorant about the world ("The insular American," April 29).

Nigerian playwright and Nobel Prize winner Wole Soyinka, whom Jackson interviewed, feels that Americans are so behind in their knowledge that they'd better start with something as basic as geography -- understanding, for example, "why Eskimos live in igloos."

Soyinka might be surprised to hear that Eskimos don't live in igloos but use them as hunting lodges. The rest of us might wonder how Soyinka became so certain of the ignorance of others.


Good stuff.

If my next house has a woodshed in the backyard, I'm thinking I'll to rename it the "Derrick Z. Jackson Memorial Woodshed". He spends so much time there, he really should at least have a small plaque on the wall.

Weekend Wrap-up

Well, the people have spoken. The "To Beat or Not To Beat the Dead Horse" Poll is still open, but early polling data suggest a solid victory for the continued flogging of the proverbial dead horse here at mAss Backwards.

So, without further ado, I give you this week's weekend wrap-up. And, as usual, it provides us with yet another example of how idyllic life in our fair city would be if we could just wave our magic wands and make all the evil guns disappear.

This story from the Boston Globe has a link posted with it for a readers message board asking "Is the city doing enough?".

Weekend violence has city on edge

A 60-year-old retired mailroom worker and a man in his mid-20s became the city's latest homicide victims in a night of violence that has shaken neighbors and wrenched relatives in Dorchester and Roxbury.

Victim #1

...police say he was fatally stabbed.

Victim #2

...an unknown assailant stabbed a man in his mid-20s, police reported.

Remember, GUNS cause crime.

This story from the Boston Globe has a link posted alongside it for a message board asking "Is the city doing enough?".

If by "doing enough" they mean...

a) doing enough to keep the people of Boston in the dark when serial rapists and muggers have set up shop in their neighborhoods, or

b) doing enough to foster a false sense of security among the most vulnerable of the city's residents, or

c) doing enough to render the people of Boston defenseless, making them easy prey for the most violent of criminals,

...then, I'd have to go with a "YES" on that one.

I'll grab some of the better answers from that forum and post them here.

Have a good Monday.